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BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Kona Coffee is rich from the volcanic soil, use 20% less than a normal measurement. Once opened keep air tight and store in freezer.

Roast Varieties
We have it in 2oz sizes to the hearty 5 lb size. Please be sure to pick the appropriate kind, i.e. Ground or Whole Bean. 

Medium Roast (Extra Fancy Grade) - 100% Pure Kona Coffee roasted to a medium roast, just after the first “pop”.  This is a traditional “American” roast.  This produces a mild flavor but retains the Kona body and aroma.


Dark Roast (Extra Fancy Grade) - 100% Pure Kona Coffee  to a full dark roast (French Roast).  The dark roast taste “richer” and is for coffee drinkers who prefer a heartier more robust taste.


Espresso Roast (Extra Fancy Grade) - 100% Pure Kona Coffee French roasted in our open flame roaster to bring out the cafeola oils.  This is a “Gold Medal Winner” espresso.




ITEM 1-1 - Med. Roast Ground


Medium Roast - Ground

ITEM 1-2 - Med. Roast Whole Bean


Medium Roast -Whole Bean

ITEM 1-3 - Dark Roast Ground


Dark Roast - Ground

ITEM 1-4 - Dark Roast Whole Bean


Dark Roast -Whole Bean


ITEM 1-5 - Espresso Ground


Espresso - Ground


ITEM 1-6 - Espresso Whole Bean


Espresso - Whole Bean